Ugly Fish PKM519 Mermaid Blue/Lilac Frame Smoke Sunglasses


Style: PKM519

These super stylish polarised kids classics for little ladies are an essential accessory to have the look, whether out shopping with mum, sitting in the backseat of the car, running around the backyard or enjoying a family BBQ, to keep young eyes protected and healthy and your vision crystal clear. The TPEE frame is super flexible and virtually indestructible so you can rest assured the kids won't break 'em. FEATURES:

  • Polarised Lenses 
  • Maximum UV Protection of Category 3 
  • TPEE Frame 
  • Scriptable 
  • Compliant to the Australian Standard for Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles AS/NZS 1067.1-2016

Ugly Fish sunglasses are protected by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

This doesn’t mean it’s fair game to throw your sunnies about and not take care of ‘em, so here’s the fine print.


  • Unforced damages, cracks or breaks, or if the product fails in any way that is not a result of misuse, force or accidental damage

Piranha Eyewear Pty Ltd, wholesaler for Ugly Fish, has the sole discretion to determine manufacturer’s defects. This warranty does not exclude, or supersede, your standard statutory rights under Australian Consumer Law. All models in the Ugly Fish range comply to the Australian Standard for Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles AS/NZS 1067.1-2016.


  • Accidental damages, cracks or breaks
  • Scratched lenses
  • Scratched, or deformities to, the frame
  • General wear and tear

So basically, don’t go droppin’ your sunnies on the pavement or run ‘em over with your car, they’re bloody tough but unlikely to survive. Also bear in mind, some models may feature an anti-scratch coating but this does not make ‘em scratch proof. Your sunnies are there to protect your peepers, so if they do get scratched as a result of a random flying object coming at ya, just be grateful it was your sunnies and not your eyes. Sunnies can be easily replaced, your eyes cannot. To increase the lifespan of your sunnies please follow the ‘Ugly For Life’ Care Instructions.