Tiger Tribe Zing Glider - Pteranodon


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Tiger Tribe’s Zing Gliders fly like a bird and go like a rocket! 

Great outdoor fun, you can zing it, or throw it — either way these gliders are built tough to handle kid ‘treatment’ and feature a soft, rubber protective nose.

 For rubber band power:
Attach the rubber band around the hook and pull the vertical fin backwards. Release the glider to launch - ZING IT - and watch how far it flies (over 30 metres)!


For throwing:

Hold the rubber head with your thumb and middle finger — make sure you keep the wings level. Throw the glider nice and straight — and watch it glide!


Useful tip:

If you notice the Zing Glider stalling or diving, turn the tail adjustors up or down to generate ultimate gliding flight.


Suitable for kids 6+