Tiger Tribe Fun with Friends - Connect, Play, Create


Fun with Friends - Connect. Create. Play is a guide book and activity set rolled into one, designed to get early tweens exploring the value of friendship through self-reflection exercises and fun activities to complete together with friends. The book also provides helpful tips for working through conflict when it occurs.

The beautifully illustrated, full colour Friendship Book is filled with pages of engaging activities, self reflections, friendship tips and games to play together. Making friendship bracelets (colourful threads included), playing ‘This or That’, telling each other’s fortunes with a traditional paper chat-terbox or simply making a delicious hot chocolate to share, this practical toolkit helps kids to better connect with each other, by focusing on important friendship skills like sharing, taking turns, coop-erating, listening to others and seeing other people’s point of view.

Importantly, this set provides an opportunity for kids to slow down, unplug and really be present with friends, without a screen in sight.

•    Contains self reflection exercises and fun activities focussing on important friendship skills (shar-ing, finding common ground, taking turns, cooperating and listening)
•    Unplugged, battery and screen-free play activities
•    Each set includes a full colour, 54 page Friendship book, 2 x sticker sheets, 5 x embroidery threads, 2 x envelopes, 1 x eraser, 1 x 6 colour pen, 1 x pencil
•    All packaged neatly in sturdy, magnetic-seal storage box
•    Great for gifting
•    Suitable age 8+