Tiger Tribe Boxset - Train V2


Woosh goes the high-speed train as it zooms around the tracks! With Boxset Train kids get to be at the centre of all the action. 

This is the ultimate take-with-you toy! Simply open the box, build and play. Then everything packs back into the compact, easy to carry wooden box. All sorted and ready to go with you— wherever your adventures take you. Each box packs up to a neat 10.4 x 19 x 17.2cm (not including the handle). Boxset Train contains three magnetised wooden train pieces (two engines and a carriage), track circuit and connectors. 
Now, even more, hard-wearing, each box is reinforced with a colour frame, made from 100% bio-degradable wood powder, produced from the sawdust waste of wooden toy production. Boxset uses non-toxic paints that have passed international toy and safety standards.

Boxsets are:
• Sourced from sustainable plantation forests
• Use non-toxic paints
• Made in compliance with EN-71 safety standards

Suitable ages 3 +