Tender Leaf Toys Little Noah's Ark



The animals went in two by two… into the Tender Leaf Toy's Little Noah’s Ark!

A smaller ark with a playful shape-sorting design. The set features 6 pairs of solid wood animals, designed especially for little hands. Mr and Mrs Noah, the custodians of our animals can be placed at the top of the ark, while all the animals can be collected inside the hull and retrieved by lifting up the little house. Enjoy putting the magnetic cloud or rainbow on top of the roof. The pairs of animals include;

  • giraffes,
  • elephants, 
  • crocodiles,
  • foxes,
  • rabbits, and rhinos. 

Suitable for ages: 2+ years

Package Dimensions

21.7cm L20.3cm H12.7cm W920g

Product Dimensions

21cm L19.5cm H12.4cm W