We Might Be Tiny Bunny Stickie Plate - Plum




Are your little bambinos going through the phase of sending their food and food containers flying across the room? We are willing to bet that you think they have more arms than an octopus because you can barely pick up or clean up after them. Mealtime is tricky – dinnerware, cups, food, and drinks go crashing. So, unless the entire household is wearing body armour, you are likely to be in the frontline of these missiles and all your utensils are either broken or dented. Calm is a word that only exists in your dictionary.

So how do you stop your toddler from throwing dinnerware, cups, and bowls? You can’t. It is just a developmental phase that they will eventually get over, but you need a solution until then. We have the answer with sticky plates for babies that will help you navigate through this phase in your child’s life.


Our silicone suction and baby divided plates with lids will save the day – sort of. Get the best choices on the market from our iconic collection – including the much-loved bear design. The suction cups will keep dinnerware secure and prevent them from growing wings.

The baby divided plates allow you to keep things like their carrots and their cheese sticks separately. The bonus is that you can quickly identify which food the young taste-expert is gravitating to. Another strategy you could use is to alternate them – try the bear one day and a different coloured one on another.

The main thing is the kids’ dinnerware online range from yours truly can keep baby and the whole household a little safer from messy kitchen mishaps. The baby divided plates with lids would come handy in this situation. We even have some snack containers, which you could pack up and store in the fridge or take on a visit to grandma and on outings at mothers’ group.

In case you are worried, these products are made from 100% food-grade silicone, BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates and toxic-free, dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. They also make mealtime a fun experience each and every time. Bowls in bright colours, patterns and shapes like bears, bunnies and cats keep your mini people happy and smiling through mealtimes, and these great designs will also keep the table looking tidy.