Old Soles Easy Jogger MARINE CAMO/SNOW

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From birth through the first year of life or so, babies’ feet are quite different from adult feet. They are wider and fatter, while their bones are undeveloped. Soft, pliable shoes protect their fragile feet and give them unrestricted movement as they learn to sit up and crawl. Old Soles sizes in this range go from Pram to Two Years Old.

The Old Soles Eazy Jogger in Marine Camo/Snow are cool and stylish low-cut trainers with elastic laces. They are made and lined in soft, supple leather with padded insoles, promoting natural movement and proper foot development. They have an elasticised heel for a snug fit and easy on/off. The flexible, non-slip rubber sole helps with crawling and to taking first steps.


  • Ideal for the First Steps
  • Elastic laces for a snug fit
  • Flexible + Non-slip Rubber Sole
  • Made from premium Natural Leather
  • The inside sole is super padded, giving your little one plenty of support
  • 100% natural Leather lining absorbs any sweat, keeping little feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Style #106R

      Size Chart

      0-3 months 0 17 10.0
      3-6 months 1 18 2 10.8
      6-9 months 2 19 3 11.5
      9-12 months 3 20 4 12.2
      12-15 months 4 21 5 12.8
      15-18 months 5 22 6 13.4
      18-21 months 6 23 7 14.2
      21-24 months 7 24 8 15.0