Miniland Doll Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander BOY 38cm

$47.00 $66.95

They’re here! The newest members of the Miniland Dolls Family, Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Miniland Dolls - so exciting!

These dolls - a boy and a girl - are a world-first collaboration between @axis_toys, the distributor of Miniland Dolls in Australia and New Zealand and Miniland Educational in Spain, to create an Aboriginal Dolls range for Australia. Like all Miniland Dolls, they have been created around Miniland’s core values of diversity, respect and inclusion! 

The Dolls were developed in consultation with several indigenous Australians including the renowned artist, Garry Purchase, with 3.5% of proceeds from sales being donated to Aboriginal community-led organisation, Children’s Ground. These funds will directly support communities in the Northern Territory who are seeking a different future for the next generation of Aboriginal children across education, health and well-being, employment and community development.

These dolls will give kids of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn more about Australia’s First Nations People, their history and culture told though the best storytelling of all – kids-play.”