Beep Smiley Bicycle Bell


Say hello to the Beep Smiley Bicycle Bell!  Printed with eco-friendly weatherproof inks, this Beep Smiley Bike Bell features a colourful design with many grinning faces on a peppermint bell base. The friendly sound of this fun Beep bike bell means your friends will know you’re coming!

The Beep Smiley Bike Bell is the perfect way to personalise your ride and makes a unique gift for anyone who is active, stylish, and fun!

Tried & True. Stylish & Fun

  • A premium steel bell with an easy-to-push lever to make that classic, friendly sound. Ring it LOUD!
  • 58mm diameter bell, the optimal size for bicycles and scooters.
  • Long chrome-plated screws to accommodate all round handlebar diameters.  
  • Super simple installation
  • Each Beep Bicycle Bell is assembled, tested and sent to you with love and care.

Install me on your bicycle:

    • Remove the screw from my bottom bracket.
    • Position me where you want me on your handlebar.
    • Close bottom bracket and tighten up my screws.

    Care For Me:

    • Keep me out of intense sun and rain when not in use
    • Please tighten my screws every 3-4 months as part of your regular bike maintenance

    That’s it - too easy!