Banabae Rad Kid Share A Dream Cap


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Rad Kid cap covered in iconic Aussie landmarks, flora and fauna.

This print is a retro haze of Australian lifestyle. Find the koala up a gum tree,  kangaroos in the sunset, the twelve apostles, an iconic lighthouse and beach umbrella amongst the palm trees. This Rad Kid cap is awesome fun and will protect your rad kid from the summer sun in style.

Perfect for  gift to match Babies Rad Kid Share A Dream Cap. 


100% cotton. 

Adjustable snap strap. Fits a head circumference anyway between 48cm - 54cm. 

Five Panel in Share A Dream print

Firm, flat peak in contrasct plain colour

Rectangle Patch 'Rad Kid' Label

Spot wash as needed. This natural fibre will fade over time.


Your purchase will help protect our beautiful oceans and all who rely on them from the threats of global warming and pollution.  by our donations to Australian Marine Conservation Society thanks to this sale.